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“On your quest, think of the symbology of the woodpecker. Each peck does not amount to much, but eventually the whole bloody tree comes down”
Stuart Wilde

Where is the economy going? Where is the world going? When so many companies are firing people, does it mean that the world population no longer needs their services? Why were these people hired in the first place? Was the company merely doing them a favour? Of course not! Almost everyone gets hired because they posses a skill. They are hired because they have something to offer to the company in pursuit of its objectives; and the company in return pays wages.

What happens to your skills when the company no longer has need for them? Of course they do not disappear! Could you employ the same skills, on your own, and produce products or services that the market place has a need for?  That is what entrepreneurialism is all about. It is a system of supplying the needs of the market place. Whether you do that through a “job” or on your “own”, is really only a matter of methodology.

We are a world of entrepreneurs; each with a skill set and talent of our own. Something that is unique to each of us. We may possess a skill that many others also possess, but no one can deliver that skill as uniquely as you can. That's what makes you special.

In today's world it would seem that entrepreneurialism is a brave choice, but in reality not many of us even like the "job" we have and we long to be our “own” boss. Say yes, then figure out how! There’s no need to spend your life in some workplace where you feel inadequately compensated, little appreciated, and stuck! You can break out and jumpstart the life you've always wanted to live, including the freedom that having your own Cash Machine can bring. Are you scared? What are you afraid of? That no one will buy your services or products?

If you're one of the "victims" of the downsizing of the corporate world, consider yourself lucky! You've been handed a permission slip to join the entrepreneurial world instead. You don’t have to start a self-pity party, you could join the world of entrepreneurialism instead, and offer the market place your skills through your products or services.

What skill set do you possess that could be turned into a marketable commodity? Define it, brainstorm it, plan it and then... just do it!

Need help figuring it all out? There are resources left right and centre! Don't hesitate to make your dreams come true starting today. Ready, Fire, Aim!

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