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Maximising Your Resources

"True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment."

-William Penn

You know each business takes the character of its owner or management. We have spoken before here about money taking the character of its owner. That principle applies to just about everything we do. We give life to the things in our lives. They are in our lives as much as we are in “their” lives.

An innovative business person infuses innovation into his or her business. A creative business person brings about creativity to the business. So, if a business is going to grow, it starts with the owner making a decision to grow. There is often as much potential in the business as there often is in the owner.

Every business has undiscovered assets, overlooked opportunities, under-performing activities, undervalued relationships, untapped resources and intellectual capital. Until you commit to continually identify and deploy them, you'll never realize your full potential. Just as we ask individuals to search their minds and characters to find hidden assets, a savvy business person would continually search his or her business for these hidden nuggets and mine them.

Building your business on a foundation of multiple profit sources instead of depending on one single revenue source is a key principle. Why try to grow incrementally or linearly if you can grow geometrically and exponentially with the same time, effort, and capital? Let exponential growth work for you by bringing the power of many different factors together - a foundation of multiple profit sources. Maximising on the resources you have is a way to apply this strategy. This works for both businesses and individuals

You should engineer success into every action you take or decision you make. So many people are not pragmatic. They're not logical. They're not strategic. They're reactively tactical - and that's the worst thing in the world. You need to take a deep breath and reflect. You need to be much more systematic and global in the way you recognize and integrate everything going on in your world.

Networking, masterminding, brainstorming with like-minded, success-driven people from outside your industry who can share perspectives, real-life experiences, and recommendations with you, sets you on a path to victory.

All great achievers have brain trusts. They've got cabinets. They've got mastermind alliances. They've got advisory boards galore. If you're an entrepreneur trying to knock it out alone, you're not getting perspectives from people who have been where you're trying to go. Avail yourself of them fully. That should be a commitment for the rest of your life.

It is time to look at all the resources that are available to you: people, places, events, things, etc. Each of them could be of use to you.

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