Nelson Letshwene

Author and Speaker



Moedi Learning Technologies is a leader in Personal Financial Management Education. Our products and services include financial surveys in corporations to determine the financial health of an organisation. We have interventions such as courses and workshops, seminars, and key note addresses; as well as one-to-one counseling.
We publish books, CDs and DVDs to meet the needs of various people across all dimensions of personal finance.

Founded by Nelson Letshwene who is a writer and speaker with over two decades in experience.

He is the author of (1) FUNCTIONAL MASTERY OVER MY FINANCES (Reach publishers, 2008),
(2) YOUR LONGING IS YOUR CALLING (Moedi Publishing, 2011)
as well as a producer of the audio program: MASTERY OVER DEBT - How to overcome debt by focusing on multiple streams of income
His new upcoming book is All you need is PURPOSE and FAITH - How to live your life without fear, guilt, or regrets. [Coming in May 2013]

Nelson has been training audiences for over 20 years in different countries. He has lived in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, and has traveled internationally.

Nelson Letshwene is a columnist with the Botswana Guardian, producing his weekly column, Silverline, which focuses on issues of Financial literacy and personal develpment

Our group of companies include Nelslets Marketing and Moedi Publishing House, which are Botswana based private companies, and Fraga Technology Services, which is a South African based company.

Our core business is Financial Literacy and Functional Literacy programs.